Remote Desk from Mac OS to Windows

Jump Desktop is better than other RDP clients.


my Mac

my Windows (Remote)

  • Virtual Machine
  • Windows 8


Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac (RDC) allows to connect your Mac to your Windows machine. Later OS 10.7 does not officially work with RDC. Officially therefore, you must have Snow Leopard 10.5.8 or lower to use RDC. There have been rumors of a Mountain Lion/Lion compatible RDC for Max being released but Microsoft has not announced anything yet.

How to use RDC for Mac

To connect Remote Desktop Connection to PC, you need network access and permission to connect to the computer. The PC must also be running Terminal Service or Remote Desktop Services. Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac does not yet work with Windows 8 but works with everything else from Windows 7 to Windows 2003



CoRD is free software for Remote Desktop which connect to Mac to Windows. It is popular and simple client for Mac. Please note however that CoRD only supports below:

  • Windows XP Pro
  • Windows Vista (only in Low Security mode)
  • Windows 7 (only in Low Security mode)
  • Windows Server 2000, 2003, and 2008 (only in Low Security mode)
  • Windows XP is supported but you must configure it first to allow remote desktop


Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop is probably the slickest, and the option of some, the best RDP client for Mac out there. Unlike the other options, Jump Desktop for Max also supports iPad, iPhone, iPod and even Android.

Jump Desktop is fast, very stable, allows you to share file to the remote machine and it's superb at managing several connections at once. It's alos one of the the few clients for Mac that officially supports connection to Windows 8.


I decided to buy Jump Desktop because this is the only one RDP allows to connect Mountain Lion to Windows 8.